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Q. Student?

New Zealand has always been well known for its picturesque locations with breathtaking landscapes varying from snowy mountains ranges, steaming volcanoes, icy glaciers and rolling green hills. Whether you prefer an outdoorsy life and recreation, or you want to live a multicultural, relaxed and fun-loving city life, New Zealand provides you with a breath-taking environment along with cities abuzz with excitement and culture. A cosmopolitan blend of cafes, shopping, sports, nightlife and a beautiful “outdoors”, New Zealand is a diverse and vibrant society enriched by the many cultures around the world.

Education system favorable to Indian students. Extremely safe country known for its natural beauty & scenic landscapes. Warm & friendly population welcoming international students. Student can study from 1 to 3 years and get 1 year work permit. 20 hrs part time job permissible during studies. Variety of subject choices & specializations. Along with business & tourism & hospitality, NZ offers high quality program in biological & health sciences.

High quality of life – NZ is rated as one of the best countries to live in