Our services for UnitedKingdom:

Q. General Information

We are in business of immigration and studies abroad for the last 12 years and are well experieanced to help you taking a decision about choosing the country, a right category of visa and proper paperwork for the same.

We have successfully assisted about 700 plus families to go to UK on work permits/settlement/visitor/dendent spouse, etc types of visa categories in the last 12 years.

We handle all kind of cases such as general and family visitor, dependent spouse and kids, fiancee visa, sole representative and entrepreneure visa. we also help with post landing services, finding the right contact to establish your self, set up an office, registering a company, etc.

We have tried and explained about most visa categories in this section.

1.For a visitor visa, You will need to demonstrate that you only intend to visit the UK for a short period – no more than 6 months. You must show that you have sufficient funds to maintain and accommodate yourself (and any dependants) without working in the UK or receiving assistance from UK public funds. Alternatively you can show that your relatives or friends or the company will be financially supporting and/or accommodating you.

2.For a long term business visa, you must demonstrate that you intend to visit the UK for a genuine business activity. (There are a wide range of activities permitted under this visa category and it is advised that you obtain advice from us at Law Firm Ltd. to ensure that your proposed activity falls under a ‘permissible activity’ as outlined by the UK Border Agency).

You must intend to leave the UK after the end of your visit and demonstrate that you can meet the cost of the return or onward journey.

Q. Business Visitor

If you wish to visit the UK on business e.g. attend interviews or conferences, conduct site visits, arrange deals or sign contracts or deliver international goods and/or passengers from abroad, you will need to apply as a business visitor.

Documents required:

Invitation letter from the UK company/business/establishment

Confirmation and details regarding the purpose you are visiting the UK

If employed: Letter from employer approving your leave for a specified period. The letter should include details of your employment, duration, your position, salary etc. and should detail when you are expected to resume work.

If self-employed: Evidence of your business activities, accounts and financial credibility

Evidence of ties to your home country – e.g. ownership of property, family ties/responsibilities, employment ties

Evidence of your travel plans – ticket bookings, hotel bookings, itinerary

Bank statements for the last 3 to 6 months

Evidence of additional savings

Q. Visa Refused?

We with our expertise in the fiels have seen one thing that most of the visa`s are rejected when they are submitted without knowing the policy of a particular country and at times you have been misguided by some one who has no knowledge of experience or expertise in the field. times you may not exactly know or understand what are the right documents to be put in the file which represents one in a right way and also proves the genuinity of the visitor.there are lot of applications rejected only becuse your case has not been presented in the right manner and with proper documentation. We not only do it in a right way, but also try and understand the reason of previous rejection and give our honest opinion on the same and present it again in a proper way and get a positive results.

Our experts specialise in Business & Tourist visas along with dependent spouse and other categories of visas to UK. We can help you with experties in getting the maximum information/documents from your end and represent it in a different way.we can begin it with form filling, gathering of all the required documents to make sure that it matches the guidelines and requirements of the concerning authorities.

Q. Sole Representative?

Are you a business wanting to send your representative to live, work & do business in the UK? Or Are you a representative of a business checking for a suitable UK visa for your employee? The UK Sole Representative Visa is the answer! It is for a representative of established overseas companies outside European Economic Area (EEA) who wish to set up a business in the UK.

Benefits of applying UK Sole Representative Visa:

Access to the UK market for one representative of an overseas company

Family Visa for 3 years

Applicant can get an extension for 2 years

Leads to settlement after a 5 Years residence in the UK

Faster Processing

Access to UK Education and Healthcare for family

Q. Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)?

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) is for non-European investors and entrepreneurs. Non-European migrants willing to invest and set up a business in the UK can apply for this visa. Minimum investment requirement is £200,000.

Successful applicants who obtain a visa will be eligible to move to the UK with their family and live there for a period of 3 years and 4 months. The visa can be extended for a period of another 2 years allowing the visa holder a stay of over 5 years in the country. After which, the visa holders can apply for "indefinite leave to remain" and obtain UK's permanent residency leading to Citizenship.

Program Benefits

Low investment of £ 200,000.

Family Visa for 3 years.

Can get an extension for 2 years.

Leads to settlement after a 5 years residence in the UK.

Faster processing.

Access to UK education and Healthcare for family.


In order to apply for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa you need to meet the points requirements based on the Investment Funds, Language Skills & Maintenance Funds.

Have access to GBP £200,000.

Can have 2-3 sponsors to show investment.

Can form Partnership with one more individual to show combined net asset value of GBP £200,000.

Funds should be held in a regulated financial institution.

Funds should be transferable to the UK/

Should meet the English Language requirement (either recognized Bachelor’s degree or IELTS with 4 in each band).

Should meet the maintenance funds requirement.